A message for VCs and founders alike
In 2020, M25 made a pledge, a commitment to diversity, anti-racism and allyship. Today, I am proud of our team for putting together and publishing our…
For a more accessible and diverse tech and VC ecosystem. The majority of profits from Unicorn to the Moon are distributed to nonprofit orgs tackling…
It has been almost a year since I last “put my heart on digital paper” here, and today I write to share the end of something great, and the beginning of…
We’ve suffered a generational wound of division as a country, and it will take good people with softened hearts to heal together (not separately) to…
Give and receive the gift of hope on Giving Tuesday
Don't let uncertainty trap you in the backseat of your own mind and mental health.
This isn’t about sounding smart. This isn’t about making noise. This is about speaking truth to power. This is about holding good people accountable to…
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